We have those stories and more Indeed thats why i gave the xp as example. On the next page, we’ll take a look at the card up close. I am more than satisfied with this build, and will be writing a fully detailed DIY article on it. To be frank, watching a movie on the computer is ok when you’re by yourself, but it’s not as fun as watching one on a large TV screen with friends and family. Now, heatpipes, and dual slot coolers are commonplace. The box is very flashy and should draw the attention of most gamers.

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Videocards follow the same pattern but just as often a small revolution takes place.

Seems there is sufficient flow as it is from leaving that slot open next to my expansion slots, in combination with the exhaust fan and PSU fan. Don’t be fooled by the Doom3 sticker – it doesn’t come with the card, it can just play it. For a long time now, the AGP slot has been unable to fully meet the power demands of high performance videocards.

Ralf found no performance difference among the various orientations. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

MSI NX VTDE Diamond – Good 3D Performance at a Middling Price: GeForce Shootout

If I knew this card didn’t report temps, I would’ve chosen another card. On the box, MSI has slapped on a bunch of feature stickers. In comparison, the Zalman keeps a large amount of heat below the video card.


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Any chance of tilting while handling? Tue Dec 28, 1: Sun Jan 09, 4: While most of these won’t be installed by many people, they still include a whackload, and fortunately they don’t seem to add a bunch of extra cost to the card. There was one small snag with this particular video card which I fixed. I think this could have been designed to preserve use of that slot.

There is a tonne of software included with this card. In this episode we will be discussing Pandora and Shazam get sold, Sony caves in to the Fortnight pressure and a few reasons why you might want to stay indoors this fall.

So far so good. Wed Dec 29, 2: For instance, videocards are shipping with bigger and bolder heatsinks that only a few years ago nx600 unimaginable.


Tue Dec 28, 2: I recommend being really gentle with the whole thing once it’s put together. I don’t mind the heat of the heatsink fins, but after stressing the video I realised the circuit board of the X gets VERY hot to the touch.

I took advantage of this to get the sink in just the right position after installing the card in the slot, but it can be weird when getting the card in; I recommend handling the card mai its edges rather than trying to handle it all by the sink or shield plate. Everything you need to get started.


Micro-Star MSI NX6600GT -TD128E – graphics adapter – GF 6600 GT – 128 MB ( NX6600GT-TD128E

I’m going to try and tilt it a bit and also extend it further away from the card and see it that helps.

And now, the fugliest photos I’ve shot for hey; I was in a hurry, okay?!?

Fri Jan 14, Why the ST rather than the ST? When it comes to processors, motherboards, memory or hard drives, each technology moves in small evolutionary steps.

MSI NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT (NX6600GT-VTD128E) 128 MB DDR SDRAM PCI Express x16 Graphics adapter

MSI also includes a Dynamic Overclocking Tool that is supposed to automatically overclock your card to various levels that you choose. In fact some of the after market videocard coolers sold vt take up three PCI slots, and they are typically dead silent too. We have those stories and more A simple filing is needed for this slider and all is fine.