Download in other formats: The time now is You should consider removing them before you continue, or else you might experience problems during operation. Originally Posted by Kajaste. Where can I get a current version of the MadWifi driver? May 28th, 7.

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Madwifi-ng Compile This howto will install the latest svn snapshot of the madwifi-ng driver for pci devices based on the atheros chipset. Simply install and configure in the Networking control panel. I finally found the problem described in this email trail which indicates the new ath5k module is the problem. New option –info and some hardware checking.

WifiDocs/Driver/Madwifi – Community Help Wiki

This update is not necessary unless: Most of the few “real” tickets that were opened were in fact support requests, for which the tracker is not suited. Compile -ng release-specific notes 4. So, if you came here for this very reason, please check this instead.

May 21st, 2. However, MadWifi still seems to be used in a few research projects.

1. Driver Information

Visit the Trac open source project at http: For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. A quick way to check the gcc version is gcc –version Before you start the command make, a small edit has to be done to a file so driver will make.


TracWiki introduces the conecpt of madwifi/atherod wiki engine, and Wire,ess explains the wiki formatting syntax. If you need to use a module in this package then you will also have to recompile and install that module also. Yeah that’s totally my bad. Look for any errors as these will need to be addressed before moving on to next step.

Would you recommend that I wait until some more people try it and bugs get fixed before I try it or just go for it? It consisted of header files for which no permission to modify was granted, and pre-compiled object wireess. Compile Newer Driver See notes sections below to add comments and corrections about compiling 4. Okay, so how do I use this script to install MadWifi?

Atheros madwifi – openSUSE Wiki

If I don’t have to go and help my parents with something it shouldn’t take too long. The following incomplete list of adapters sold by IBM use the Atheros chips: See here for further information. The wlanconfig tool is not present in Ubuntu 6. TracGuide is a valuable resource if you want to become familiar with Trac in general.


This will need to be removed before you can install the latest driver.

Ticket wwireless closed Spammers aside, the ticket tracker did not see much activity recently. The time now is Just configure your network and connect. So these devices will just work out of the box.

Madwifi/ztheros Bookmarks Digg del. For a backup you can take the package that you used to install madwifi before. At some point in time, MadWifi has been superseded by ath5k and ath9k drivers, which became part of the Linux kernel and are actively developed and improved by the Linux kernel’s wireless developers.

You should consider removing them before you continue, or else you might experience problems during operation. We provided three drivers: More information on debugging problems on its installation can be found here: