Generally, warnings can be ignored. But in my case,it’s internal antenna is not sufficient to catch my neighbor’s signal with whom I share internet costs,and he’s place is yards or so away from mine. See the next section regarding how to do this. In order to do this you will have to blacklist the unwanted module based what you plan to use your system for. August 20th, 2. See rb for the RTLB ieee driver. Thank you so much doc ,here are my symptoms:

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IE Remake the link to Modules.


User Tools Log In. Which do you need, tom14?

If your card is connected then wlan0 should now be listed in iwconfig. Originally Posted by tom In such a case the rtl device will be wlan1 or wlan2. You get compile errors similar to: August 20th, 4.


This page is deprecated, updated documentation can be found here. Originally Posted by chili Here are few items which are known to cause this: No such device Solution: This is one of the things different about linux.

This typically occurs after you have upgraded your kernel version. Blacklisting mac driver version. To eliminate the ones above, follow the instructions in the previous troubleshooting tip.

To enable high power: Look at iwconfig to see if there is such an interface and use that one instead. Now I don’t have to worry about how to install driver,I checked also and it’s already in.

It’s been plug ‘n’ play since Ubuntu 9. Will not compile on kerner 2.

r [Aircrack-ng]

This will also mean recompiling your kernel. Beans 2, Distro Ubuntu Development Release. You will have to experiment to see if this helps you or not. August 20th, 7. I have no idea what to do with it,which place to unpack it?


August 20th, 5. The transmit power can be adjusted using: With 0 being the lowest and 35 being the highest transmit power. For the mac rtl version see the rtl page. Make sure you are using hardware with support for USB 2.

Here are the options: IE For injection, blacklist lonux rtl module. Also ensure that you have matching kernel header files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated Results 1 to 10 of