The implementation of automatically executed safety strategies when limit values are exceeded avoids destruction of or damage to any test items that may have faults. However, the Japanese love new gadgets, and the Gameboy’s seemingly unassailable position has failed to prevent the release of another slew of hand-helds in the last few months. The automatic function should be selected for the adjacent section to enable adjustment of the velocity and acceleration. Its tasks include the acceptance and archiving. Locations range from the familiar confines of the Voyager ship familiar, that is, unless you’re actually down the pub on Sunday nights like most sane people to all manner of weird futuro-alien craft. Perhaps that’s why Take 2, who will be publishing the game in October, didn’t give us any.

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Other, less violent, enhancements include the ability to design your own car at the start of the race, as well as the opportunity to build a pedestrian resembling your least favourite person in the world bonus points to be awarded to whoever sends ZONE the first Vanessa Feltz – assuming the engine can handle the immense polygon count required to maviab her great big shuddering flanks.

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