I called Cingular and they said they cannot help with anything exept the settings. If leading numbers are ….. Also has some additional features maps, etc. This phone works off of sim cards and tri band frequency. Not to distant future anyone using a bluetooth knows the strange looks you get in public when your talking and no one can see your bluetooth…. So i have a few questions.

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CECT P168 – Another Apple iPhone Clone

Does anyone know how to change the time from A. I talked to them today.

MMS works ok though. Being a blackberry user as well. Other people rely on accurate information. Also I have tried everything everyone has said here to get the internet going and I cannot get that going either. It’s worth a thousand words. That will cause the battery to press down p16 on the SIM to make a better connection.

CECT P – Another Apple iPhone Clone – IntoMobile

Anybody knows pls post. Marly, I will try and be of help with the access to keypad while in the middle of a call question.


My work actually got me a free one and I destroyed it pretty quick,so now I have to buy one. It also turns on with the apple logo probably the apple sound too.

Once you receive the SMS Text message with the settings, just save it and you will be ready to start using the internet. It is quad band and looks identical to the P He said he had quad bands, but the last batch were Tri bands.

Good question about the itunes, but does anyone know what operating system this runs on or can run on it? I am thinking of selling it and want to promote it is as it comes out of the box. Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: If not your phone is defective. Anyone have any info on this one? TechSkin is made from the same film material used to protect luxury cars, military aircrafts, and NASA space shuttles.

Thanks in advance- carlenenash hotmail. You can copy and paste your music into there in the music folder.

Do you happen to have the link to the board where you got this info, would really appreciate it, thanks again Diane. PS I bought a set of 1p68 headphones works fantastic.


Considering that they are the same price, the A with the quad band seems to be a better choice. Hi there i have the same problem with my iphone switching it back into english.

The Band is going to be used for a new generation of mobile phone High Speed Internet access. My BT Headset is the standard mono type. But when I do text messaging I cannot find a keyboard tab with normal alphabet characters, only symbols.

Should be about a week. I think this was mentioned in a post before. Since when are mp3 videos??? Check out the auto standby, screen lock options. Hey guys, can somebody plsssssssssssss tell me how to solve ;168 problem of the cect p restarting when it gets an incoming call. Now Select the top entry English 6.