Message 2 of 2. This switch can be made on-the-fly without a reboot. While it is a big drop from nearly 10 hours under normal circumstances, you have more than enough time to play around through a few classes or meetings if needed. Port selection rates average on the T, with 3 USB ports and no digital video output. The power connection for use with the UltraBay battery remained the same though. The keyboard layout has stayed the same, with only very minor changes in the feel of the key presses.

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ThinkPad T notebook models feature Microsoft Windows Vista and one- and three-year depot warrant

My only disappointment with the touchpad was the lack of red strips. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Register Sign In Help. It is well worth the extra money, and you would be foolish not to get it if you are configuring the notebook yourself. Use the Fn-F5 key wlreless to bring up a software applet.

I really hope Lenovo takes notice at this, cause I would take a brick glued to the bottom of the case before over a keyboard change such as this. Portal was another favorite that worked very well at native resolution, keeping framerates above 40FPS throughout most of the game.

By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. On our particular configuration with the SD card reader taking the place of the PC-Card slot and we get a cheap plastic blank instead of a spring loaded flap.


Also, are there any unknown devices in device manager? A speedy GB RPM hard drive sireless also included, which helped applications load without much lag.

Not using the dedicated graphics resulted two hours of additional battery life. Dell Vostro 1. The highest backlight setting is very bright, easy outshining my IPS FlexView panel by a wide margin.

The changes are subtle to the untrained eye, but they are there.

This is what we supposedly purchased: For those who must still use optical media for movies, you lose more than an hour of battery life with the optical drive needing to spin throughout the video. The power connection for use with the UltraBay battery remained the same though. Although this setup does seem like Lenovo is trying lock the user away from upgrading parts, they fully allow anyone to handle upgrading or adding components to their notebook without voiding the warranty.

Solved: How do I turn on the wireless on my Lenovo T Thinkpad? – Lenovo Community

Two things to check: Fit and finish are great with most parts, but you still have a good amount of battery wiggle in the back, as well as the cheaper feeling plastic LCD lid. Getting past the igm case design changes, the ThinkPad is every bit as boring as all of those preceding it.

Make sure it’s ON.

This website uses cookies. Somehow the wi-fi card was dropped from the build request; the next one will have the correct card. On every other model we have reviewed that has this light, it works wirelesz intended and gives a little light on the keys.

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Lenovo Thinkpad T400 wireless problems

Frequent travelers will enjoy the T as a movie playing notebook on flights or just trying wirelese pass time wherever. Not exactly sure how it made it past quality control, but unless you have the screen tilted forward to an extreme degree you end up as blind as a bat. To gain access to all user-replaceable parts, you simply remove five screws and carefully remove the palmrest and keybard.

Plenty of time to cover two full length movies. Message 1 of 2. Thinkpad A – Bios 1.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T400 Intel Wireless Card WiFi Link 5100 – 43Y6493

When watching XVID wideless movies off the hard drive the 9-cell had an estimated 6 hours and 45 minutes of battery life, drawing 13 watts of power. There is a small slide switch along one edge of your ThinkPad that turns the wireless and Bluetooth, etc.

T60 keyboard left versus T keyboard right view large image. To get 10 hours of ibk life from a notebook this size, most people think you would need a huge battery attached to the bottom of the case, another battery taking the place of the optical drive, and a big battery sticking out the back.

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