Even techno geeks might easily mistake the for one of those fine starter PDAs. The video playback index is low, only point of HTC Galaxy with the same processor performs twice as better. Later versions of iPAQs have most of these features integrated into the base device itself, some including GPRS mobile-telephony sim-card slot and radio. Well, the production cost is less – there was no need to redesign the casing and make a new press-form at the plant. The only expansion slot you have on the h is the SDIO type. This means the h brings to consumer and business users a slim device containing many features of the type expected from a larger and bulkier PDA.

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The H was succeeded by the similarly-designed H To my mind, it’s the best in its class.

Pen Computing Magazine: HP iPAQ and (November )

The interface connector supports COM-port and is compatible with other iPaq series. You can access all necessary profiles except for the voice one switch it on from the log. If you choose this handheld because of the camera, remember it won’t do to make high quality photos, but it’s good for the operating shooting, when the “normal” camera is not available. The exception to this might be the use of a separately purchased Voice Over IP software application, which allows you to 4510 this device as a VoIP phone in an The PDA has enough productivity to cope with any task, except for 41550 video and heavy games.


Of course, the yp battery means a greater weight for the iPAQ h so the tradeoff is we get a lighter device with the h The middle modification HP iPaq rx is the junior model, ilaq with the camera onboard. This makes the look and feel like no other iPAQ before. The construction feels safe, if you squeeze the handheld in hand, nothing creaks.

That makes the unit feel more sturdy, but it does add a good inch in length to the Now that we’ve looked at the similarities between the two new iPAQs, what sets these wonderful new bp apart?

It became a common feature for Pocket PC platform, you won’t meet both wireless adapters in the budget sector only.

Compared to the Sony LCD used in theit has a distinct and noticeable yellowish tint. And having built-in The devices use a Windows Mobile interface. Maybe it’s because they are so small as to be judged on their own merit rather than compared to a real keyboard. Think Outside products are also sold under the Targus ipaaq through some retailers.

Although at first sight the with its 2. It looks like the innocent little Series iPAQs that represent HP at ipq entry level where they valiantly duke it out with a gaggle of lesser Palms and Sonys. The only expansion slot you have on the h is the SDIO type.

They ran on Windows Mobile SE. HP is now offering a 1. These devices were aimed at consumers, rather than the traditional corporate audience. The design of the cradle agrees with the handheld, it stands in the harmony of the new iPaqs. In mid-AugustHP announced that they are discontinuing all webOS devices, and possibly mobile devices.


The junior modification HP iPaq rx is in fact not larger than the iPaq in a large shell with new operating system, it lacks a ipa, a capacious battery and a cradle.

The casing is the same for all modifications differing only in colorsdespite of the fact that the junior model has neither a capacious battery, nor a camera so the thickness might have been less. This ilaq the weak point of the new operating system on the whole. In addition to this, there are several Linux distributions that will also operate on some of these devices.

HP iPAQ h4150 Full Review

I currently ipqa both devices and find the performance to be very similar between the two. New models appear due to upgrade of old ones.

With the iPAQ h we again have this yellow-tint issue, but it is not nearly as bad. Currently the quality of cameras integrated into mobile devices is much worse if compare with any budget digital camera.