Steve – Yes, I can see 3 options: I’m still in testing. Those seem to do the job! One thing you need to know about is that when you change the sample-rate same place as before under ‘Asio configuration’ you won’t be able to close the window Reaper submitted 2 years ago by uniuniuni. Want to add to the discussion?

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Steve – Yes, I can see 3 options: Promotion of paid products should go through qsio first. This is day 6 with Reaper. My computer devices for sound show the Digidesign rack as active.

The time now is If so this is the one you want. It just feels like it’s struggling with these drivers. Originally Posted by Steve36 Have you checked that the is working with with protools yet? Anyone had to deal with this before?


Then to make sure that the device is seen and is working before starting up Reaper. Found this post on Steinberg’s forums for Cubase where 03 Steinberg employee is slagging Avid’s driver and customers are telling Steinberg to work around Avid’s aslo implementation. Have a look at the protools le compatibility grid here I know you’ve had it running on the same system before but you mentioned that you’d encountered ‘connection problems’ I’m wondering if my old Pro Tools and Digidesign files are causing conflicts.


Want to add to the discussion? I have since done a few reboots to make sure I could reconnect and it sometimes does. I’ll try moving those from the C drive and run a fresh install of Reaper. I’m running Windows XP. I would like to get a message like: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All times are GMT This is contrary to most pro tools advice, but it works.

If the bit driver isn’t working then you can try ASIO4ALL but dgii that, Avid’s latest driver is from dgi it doesn’t look like you’ll get much support on that end. Do you get the FW driver in the Asio driver list? Make sure ‘enable inputs’ is ticked then select the inputs and outputs from the respective drop-down menus. It could be a hardware issue ie: Then restart the pc and when the windows hardware plug and play screen comes up to install, go ahead with that install.


Have you checked that the is working with with protools yet? Originally Posted by mj23 I find that if the connection from Digi to Reaper is lost, I have to install the rack update pt9 which includes version v9. I’ll check in later this evening when I’m at that computer.

Find More Posts by Kainer. If you’ve had connection problems with that computer before you may have some other issues Do I need to somehow delete the rest first?

Digi and Drivers

Send a private message to mj When I saw you wroteI immediately realized I had older drivers. There is a wrapper either way and Im still not sure which would be better. Can you check to see if it works with protools?