Assumes no reserve, extended range tanks. I don’t remember exactly what happened to Diamond Multimedia think some other company bought them, but I’m not sure I think Diamond bought Micronics, then S3 i think bought Diamond perhaps after Diamond went backrupt? That’s the feeling you get when you strap into the two seat DAC1 and take to the sky. FirePort 40 under XP and some other threads about scsi. Originally posted by Aroc:

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AMD video cards, USB graphics, Video capture, Docking station, Wireless HDMI | Diamond Multimedia

The series was highly successful as the Flreport Graphics and Voodoo2 chipsets introduced consumer-grade 3D graphics into the PC and arcade markets, whereas such capabilities had previously been present primarily in very high-end CAD and graphic design workstations.

How To Buy To receive a price quotation or to learn more about any of our aircraft or services, including Diamond Finance, please click the button below. These kits bundled a ‘feature reduced’ several pin headers and other diamon not installed full length PCI MPEG2 analog overlay decoder card made by divion.

The Diamond Monster Sound gaming sound card series was the first sound card to have its own on-board processor to handle audio operations. Distance and time indicated are for guidance only and should not be used for flight planning purposes. Graphics cardssound cardsDigital audio players. Originally posted by Aroc: Please click here to see the Diamond Aircraft image gallery.


Click the map at your departure point.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Diamond Multimedia. Views Read Edit View history. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Apr 20, Posts: Unfortunately the chip itself was not fully functional and the drivers were very buggy. Notable members of the Stealth family have been the Diamond Stealth 3Dby far the most popular S3 Virge-based board. Whereas the MonsterSound lineup was targeted at no-holds-barred gamers, the Sonic Impact cards were more generally aimed, and were fireporr and less powerful.

This chip was rather slow and basic. Imagine taking the ultimate 2 seat sports car and adding wings.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Windows 98 or 98SE is not recommended due to problems that may happen with video color and alignment. Register for our Newsletter. Due to the low wing, bubble canopy and a diamonv glareshield, the Katana provides you with unmatched panoramic views. Imagine taking your favourite sports car and adding wings. Diamond Multimedia later merged with Diakond, Incorporated in after a long-time cooperative business arrangement, when S3 decided to expand their business from producing graphics chipsets to manufacturing retail graphics cards.

The Vortex2-equipped MX was a superior card for 3D audio.


Safe. Reliable. Forgiving.

They are a slightly newer product with the ‘Navigator’ player software siamond a cleaner user interface. Passive safety features are designed to minimize the probability and degree of injury, in case the unexpected happens. The company was founded by Chong Moon Lee and H.

Diamond Multimedia resurfaced in after the brand and assets had been purchased by Best Data. The line later included chipsets with combined 2D and 3D capabilities. Diamond again built expansion boards.

Ergonomically designed and fun to fly, the single-engine, two-seater Katana far outshines its competitors. However, as Microsoft Windows gained market share and newer graphics products entered the market, it was later relegated to the cheaper, value-oriented products and the SpeedStar branding diamind expanded to other products.

The current version of the DAC1 is equipped with the latest industry leading avionics by Garmin, new and improved engine gauges and centrally located conventional standby instrumentation for conventional and partial panel training.

DAC1 available in Canada. Specifications apply to standard equipped aircraft and can change without notice. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.