Again, make sure to pay attention to the loft angles. That being said, if you’re new to the game, you may benefit from an older set if you know you’ll upgrade later. Posted 14 July – Cost and Value The price of this set of wedges is actually comparable to the set of wedges by Texan Classics. Now the trick is knowing which golf wedge to use. BrandonG2 35 years old. On occasion I take a set to the range to see how well I hit them.

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With the experience of paying big bucks and with what I have in my bag now, I contend that I would have had a more effective game using just Pinemeadow series clubs for a fraction of the price. The 2 putters are as good as any putter that I have tried I have an Odissey 1, a Cleveland classic and TaylorMade turismo. Moreover, these are for really short distances, but a truly skilled golfer can actually reach 80 to yards hitting a sand wedge.

Golf Wedges

I Just Do IT. For me it’s not that I cannot afford any golf club I want, I just find that for the money I personally got a better deal and recognition of bst works and what does not with what Pinemeadow pinemewdow to offer. I have real issues from pinemeadod yards in, but have concluded I need various swings with my wedges to remedy. This is one of those wedges.


Want to join this community? Only available in right-hand. Then again, I buy those, too! As to those suggesting you buy old gear from reputable manufacturers I would say you cannot be serious!!

And if you don’t want to spend the money on OEM clubs new from a store fitted to you then to me the obvious answer is to order clubs to your specs from gigagolf,pinemeadow,golfsmith I am happy where I am and the journey I have taken and will continue to take. Not that I do not regret acquiring them, I only regret the price I paid compared to the results I got.

This does offer pinnemeadow more stylish, sleeker look, after all.

Expand to see more Available in multiple configurations Choices can sometimes be a burden–especially if all choices are similar. Maybe i just look at things differently but here are my thoughts A great starter set could be ping i3os.

Just plnemeadow the Pinemeadow golf wedge above it, this too is easy on the wallet.

Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, beest to play, how to play and where to play. Posted May 13, They narrow towards the toe, which offers you valuable forgiveness on your hits. Is the ball embedded somewhere or buried in it?

Buy Best Golf Wedge Sets Online – Pinemeadow Golf

Many of them come with special, patented features. Most of them, yes—but there are some options specifically for women here, you just have to look. Check out sites like 3balls.


Pineemadow dumped the driver immediately and replaced it with a TM Burner. All in all, for the layman and even for the professional looking to fool around, this is a great buy. Cleveland RTX 2. I suggest that whatever club you buy, you hit it first. All you have to do is look.

The pro, or someone more serious about improving his or her game, should keep going for besg options. Does anyone have any history with PineMeadow or any other clone makers that I might want to check out?

It features a steel shaft and a sole grind that allows you to open and close the club face to adjust to various scenarios. I was able to get them “custom” fit for much cheaper than I could have anywhere else.